About ARIB

Our goal is to support rural development in Estonia and all our activities are aimed at improving the quality of life in the countryside. As a further result of our work, we want to ensure that living in the countryside is full of opportunities and offers security.

The Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) is a government agency established in the summer of 2000. As the paying agency of the European Union, we are responsible for organising the granting of national subsidies, European Union agricultural and rural development subsidies, European Maritime and Fisheries Fund subsidies, and market management subsidies. ARIB is also responsible for maintaining national registers and other databases related to agriculture.

In our work, we value for each employee as well as for the entire institution:

PROFESSIONALISM: as professionals, we do our job correctly, accurately, legally, competently, and responsibly. We actively provide solutions and are cautious in our work.

CUSTOMER-CENTEREDNESS: when designing our work processes, we focus on customer needs and apply the principles of good service.

CO-OPERATION: we consider co-operation with ARIB partners, customers, and colleagues to be a prerequisite for success. We are ready for and interested in working together to find the best solutions.

EFFICIENCY: we keep a record of all our resources. We constantly monitor and develop our work processes to do all our tasks once, well, and on time.

  • We operate under the authority of the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture
  • Our services are used by over 41 000 customers
  • We employ over 340 people
  • Our bureaus are located in 15 counties
  • Since 2008, there is a 15-member advisory committee representing our customers