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In developing the competitive ability of agriculture and forestry the modernisation of the processing industry is very important. The problems with the agricultural and non-timber forest product processing industries are their limited orientation towards added value and high-quality products, the limited specialisation and low level of efficiency within the industries and the fact that the outdated production and packaging technology and production and storage buildings used in the food processing industry are unable to ensure stability in product quality demanded by the market. One of the biggest problems is the limited attention companies pay to the adoption of new technology and to product development.
Due to a lack of resources, companies in the agricultural produce processing industry have to date invested too little in achieving environmental goals, and as a result the adoption of environmentally friendly technology - primarily designed to ensure the fulfilment of environmental requirements - needs greater attention.
The overall objective of support for industry is to improve the competitive ability of the agricultural and non-timber forestry sector through general improvement of the efficiency of companies processing agricultural produce and non-timber forestry products and ensuring the sustainability of these companies.


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