Added: 10. February 2009

Last update: 16. August 2012



e-PRIA is the client portal of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board, through which clients can submit documents to ARIB and check their details in ARIB's registers. The portal represents a convenient way for our clients to exchange information online.

We are sorry, you can only use e-PRIA in estonian language!

e-PRIA is located at

Why should you use e-PRIA?
At present, keepers can use the portal to submit a variety of declarations and also check registry data. In future it will also be possible to use the portal to apply for a range of support. This will mean no more applications on paper - the whole process will be able to be done much more quickly and conveniently over the Internet.

Who can use e-PRIA?
All ARIB clients can make use of e-PRIA. At first a range of services will only be open to keepers, but new services are being developed all the time.

What do you need in order to use e-PRIA?
You simply need a computer, an Internet connection, your ID card and an ID card reader or your bank user name and passwords.

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