Added: 10. February 2009

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e-PRIA is the client portal of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board, through which clients can submit documents to ARIB and check their details in ARIB's registers. The portal represents a convenient way for our clients to exchange information online.

e-PRIA is located at

We are sorry, you can only use e-PRIA in estonian language!

Why should you use e-PRIA?
Keepers can use the portal to submit a variety of declarations and also check registry data. It is also possible to use the portal to apply for a range of support. This means the whole process will be able to be done much more quickly and conveniently over the Internet.

Who can use e-PRIA?
All ARIB clients can make use of e-PRIA from keepers to farmers who would like to submit documents or apply for supports. New services are being developed all the time.

What do you need in order to use e-PRIA?
You simply need a computer, an Internet connection, your ID card and an ID card reader or your bank user name and passwords.

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