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About ARIB

Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) is a government agency in the subordination of the Ministry of Rural Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, which was established in the summer of 2000. The ARIB is a paying agency accredited by the European Union, which is tasked with organizing granting of national aid and EU agricultural and rural life development aids, grants from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, and market organization support. We are the administrator of national agricultural registers (the register of farm animals and the register of agricultural support and land parcels) and other databases, as well as a processor and analyser of the data contained in such registers and databases.

The ARIB is operating on the basis of the statutes. Our plans up to 2020 are specified in the development plan of the ARIB.

The ARIB employs around 360 public servants, 2/3 in the centre in Tartu and the rest in county bureaus in the 15 counties. Over 50,000 clients use the services of the ARIB.

In the end of 2016, the amount of the grants paid through the ARIB amounted to 2.85 billion euros with over a hundred different types of support used. In the current funding period of 2014-2020, it is planned to allocate 1.6 billion euros for support payments.

We have developed e-services and the electronic client portal e-ARIB for serving our clients. In the future, it is planned to transfer the receipt of application documents for all grants to the e-ARIB.  

Information about all services and grants available from and via the ARIB can be found on our website; information is also communicated via electronic newsletters.  


Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board

Registry code:             70005967

Address:                       Tähe 4, Tartu 51010

Telephone:                   737 1200


Call centre                 


Direct grants helpline: 737 7679

Investment aid helpline: 737 7678

County bureaus

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