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About ARIB

Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) was established in summer 2000 as a government agency working in the area of administration of the Ministry of Rural Affairs on the basis of the Agricultural Registers and Information Centere. Establishment of the new agency was necessary in order to prepare and implement the SAPARD (Special Assistance Program for Agricultural and Rural Developement) programme in Estonia.

The development of the administration of aid shemes has been turbulent for ARIB. While in 2001 we implemented 13 support shemes or measures, then in 2004 the relevant number was 33 and in 2007 ARIB implemented about 50 shemes or measures and gave an positive answer to over 66 thousand application.

The more important stages of development have been the accreditation of ARIB as a SAPARD agency in June 2001 and its accreditation of ARIB as the European Union EAGGF payment agency in 2004.With the implementation of the EU common agricultural policy in 2004 the scope of activity of ARIB increased remarkably and as a result the number of applicants and payments grew.

The number of ARIB employees is about 370, from whom 2/3 of people are working in the main office in Tartu and the rest in 15 service-offices in all Estonian counties.


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