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In addition to processing of applications, the ARIB is also the administrator of two national registers: the register of farm animals and the register of agricultural support and land parcels.

The register of farm animals includes the details of identified farm animals, equines, places of animal keeping, and bees. The register also includes information on approved abattoirs and animal product processing companies. Registration of farm animals in the national register is compulsory to animal keepers and is one of the prerequisites for payment of animal-related grants.

The register of agricultural support and land parcels includes the personal data, contact details, and bank details of all applicants for support via the ARIB, participants in market organization measures, applicants for import or export licences, keepers of farm animals, etc. The register of land parcels is used as the basis for processing surface area-based grants and includes information on which land parcels support has been applied for in the last four years. Land parcel data can be viewed with the help of the online map of the ARIB.

The ARIB is regularly updating the register of land parcels based on applications filed by land users, orthophotos, borders of registered immovables, and borders of application.

All operations related to the registers can be performed via the services of the electronic client portal, e-ARIB.

Register department helpline: 731 2311

E-mail of animal register:

E-mail for registering as a customer: 

Helpline of the office of arable land register: 737 7628, e-mail


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