Added: 10. February 2009

Last update: 22. January 2010



Along with processing applications for aid, one of ARIB's duties is to maintain national registers - the register of farm animals and the register of agricultural support and land parcels.
Data on identified farm animals, the places in which they are kept, certified abattoirs and animal waste processing companies is recorded in the register of farm animals. The aims of gathering such data are to prevent and eliminate contagious animal diseases and to protect people from diseases and illnesses shared with and spread by the animals. Registration of farm animals in the national register is a prerequisite in the payment of support for animals.
Recorded in the register of agricultural support and land parcels are the personal, contact and bank details of all those who apply to ARIB for European Union or state support, as well as in applying for the determination of a production quota or national amount, an import or export licence or an export support or inward processing certificate. Clients who present offers or apply for prior approval to participate in market organisation measures are also recorded in the register, as are the personal and contact details of animal keepers, and data on land parcels. The objective of maintaining the registers is to guarantee the rapid and precise payment of aid and the supervision thereof.

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